Welcome to Bhagiratha Hydraulics

Bhagiratha Hydraulics is engaged in development, manufacturing and marketing high performance hydraulic cylinders, power pack, hydraulic presses, paper plates press, areca press, hydraulics goods lift, hydraulic baling machine, hydraulic electric stacker, hydro-pneumatic products like Hydro-pneumatic press & customized Hydraulic works.

We create the machines of success with latest technology, design and manufacturing, delivers stand-alone products with high performance, products that are intuitive to use, easy to integrate into your production, believes in treating every client as a partner. Perhaps that's why so many of our projects come from referrals. Recognizing market trends and applying creative thinking to each and every machine, allows us to deliver efficient solutions to our clients.This mix of ideas about what makes perfect machines for a Competitive market, led to a new way of thinking and the launch of Bhagiratha Hydraulics.